How to Achieve Your Goals in 2024

The secret: shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance

As the new year and the new decade approach many people around the world are contemplating setting new year resolutions, defining goals for the new year, and decade and looking for ways to ACTUALLY stick with and achieve them.

There is no lack of advice out there on how to set and follow through on your goals. There are countless how-to’s and tips and tricks. What I have realized from all of my attempts at achieving goals I have set for myself, is that it is not about the How To’s, it is about your mindset.

If you are driven by a scarcity mindset (lack, stress, deprivation), taking the right actions will not result in the outcomes you desire because you will be stressed and anxious and burnt out and will likely quit when it gets tough.

If you are in an abundance mindset and approach your goals from emotions  like love, commitment, and excitement you will keep going when it gets tough because you trust that it is available to you and you are in an open and receiving mindset, not one of lack, control, and stress.

When setting your goals for this new year and new decade watch out for thoughts like:

I should…

I don’t have enough

I’m not good enough

I don’t have enough time

I don’t have enough money

I don’t have enough control

My life is limited to my bad choices

I make wrong choices

You need to change your whole frame of mind to an abundance mindset. To a place where you understand that there is:

Enough time




To go around. For everyone. You don’t need to be in fear. You do not need to control. You need to let go and trust that we live in an abundant universe and that anything and everything is possible and available.


How to spot a scarcity mindset:

A scarcity mindset is one of fear, insecurity, and control. Of taking things to seriously believing that if you fail the world will end. It is short sided and focused on short term decisions, instant gratification and a reactive approach to life, rather than planning ahead and trusting that waiting or missing something now will pay off long term.

How to spot an abundance mindset:

An abundance mindset comes from a place of trust and acceptance, and a deep sense of inner worth and security. An abundant mindset takes a pro-active approach to life. A person with an abundance mindset understands that there is more than enough love, time, money, happiness etc. to share and does so freely and happily, rejoicing in other’s accomplishments and giving of their love, time, money, happiness, etc. openly and with joy.

How to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

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1. State the Facts vs. the Thoughts

Understanding your scarcity mindset starts with understanding your scarcity thoughts. Thoughts are feelings and emotions that are completely optional and separate from the facts. A fact is: I weigh 150lbs. A thought is: I should way less, I way too much.

2. Identify What you are Making the Facts Mean and Why

What are you choosing to have these thoughts mean about you and who you are? Why?

3. Create Neutral Thoughts Around These Areas

Don’t try right out of the gate to start thinking abundantly about something that is a big struggle for you, first start out with a neutral thought: I am working on my weight (not a negative thought: I should lose weight) and then repeat this to yourself everyday, ALL DAY until it becomes your truth.

4. Create Positive Affirmations Around These Areas

Once the neutral thought becomes your truth start to work towards changing it to an abundant thought: I am the perfect weight, I am perfect the way I am, I love my body. If you started with this step you may never get there because you would have a hard time believing it. Start neutral and work your way up.

5. Give Freely

Want an abundant mindset? Give abundantly! Want more money: give more money. Want more time: give of your time. Want more love: love freely. Want more praise and recognition: give praise.

6. Get Organized

When you don’t feel abundant or good about yourself or life in general it may mean you are not in order. The simple process of getting your possessions, your time, and your finances, your documents better organized does a lot to cultivate an abundance mindset. By getting organized, you begin to see how many things and how much time you actually already have in your life.

A Final Thought:

Love yourself through the process. It takes time to change your mindset. Just remember that thoughts are choices and you can change them!

And if you really want to set and achieve your New Year’s resolutions this year, you are going to have  to work on your mindset and you are going to need some accountability help! and guess what?


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Amanda Richey