Goal Fuel

I had to do a short write-up on this concept because it is so wonderful! This came straight from Natalie Bacon and the podcast Goal Fuel. Listen to it please, because it is amazing!

I just wanted to summarize it here because I am a visual person and I needed it in writing!

The concept of Goal Fuel is the idea that you need to identify and structure the emotion driving you to accomplish your goals.

This is different than the WHY for your goal.

Your why is the reason you want to achieve the goal. It could be for your family, for financial freedom, to be a good role model for your kids, to make sure you live a long healthy life to be there for your kids, to retire your husband…etc.

Goal Fuel is the mindset that drives the why, that drives the actions you take. This mindset is either from: (you guessed it!)

Scarcity or abundance

In pursuing your goal, you can be driven by abundance and love and excitement, from a place of having and appreciating instead of needing and holding.


You can be motivated by fear, stress, pity, and lack.

Which one do you think will result in long-term success and ultimately accomplishing your goal?

You guessed it: Abundance!

Why? Because, if stress, lack, and scarcity are the energy driving you to fuel your goal that is what you will create more of. 

Don’t get me wrong, you can feel negative emotion, especially if you miss the mark on the goal, BUT it should not fuel you. You should not be fueled by failure or by needing to accomplish from a place of lack.

How to identify your Goal Fuel:

1. When you talk about your goal what do you say? What do you feel?

Not enoughness? Are you setting a goal as a way out? As a way to escape or to end something? For example: a business goal to make money to stop work.

That is scarcity.

Are you setting a goal to create something new, or good, or that serves? Are you setting a goal to grow and show up as your best self?

That is abundance (it must be from a place of self love though)

2. Ask yourself: what is the emotion driving the action driving me to pursue my goal?

Excitement, love, certainty, and commitment?

Worry, fear, necessity, and lack?

You will know this by how you feel. If it feels good even if you are tired-then you are in abundance. If it feels bad, and too much, burned out, you are in scarcity.

3. Ask yourself: what is the action fueling the emotion driving you to complete this goal?

Figure out why you feel this way and then ask: is this serving me? What do I want to feel instead?

4. Ask yourself: what thoughts do I need to think to create those emotions?

Identify what it feels like to love your goal. To love your money. To love your success. To love yourself.

5. Ask yourself: what does it feel like to be in abundance?

Abundant emotions will be hard at first, but you need to practice. Go easy on yourself!

The task is to get supper clear on the emotions fueling you. And then get intentional about the emotions to fuel your goal.

You want to focus on feelings such as:








You want to change thoughts such as:







I know this sounds hard, but without taking a good look at the emotions behind your need to accomplish a goal, you will not understand what is really driving you.

Whatever is driving you, you will create more of, so which one do you want to be in? Scarcity or abundance?

You can do this! I believe in you! For more on Goals Setting check out the other posts in the Series

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Amanda Richey