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How to Change Your Life By Changing Your Thoughts

Everything in your life begins with a thought, and thus changing your life will require changing your thoughts. This may sound extreme, but every action we take is a response to a thought in our brain. We think a thought and then our brain produces an emotional response, which then prompts us to either take […]

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How to Do a Year in Review

  What is a Year in Review? What is this practice of a year in review? It’s a way to reflect on your life to see where you have been, what you’ve done, and the lessons that you can learn moving forward. It is a way to understand where you are and where you have […]

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How to Create a One-Year and a Five-Year Plan

one and five year plan

First, let’s explore what one-year and five-year plans are, and why they are so important. One-year and five-year plans serve as important roadmaps for you and your goals. You can’t accomplish a goal without a plan, just like you can’t navigate to someplace new without a roadmap. (Or maybe you can, but you’re much more […]

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How to Form Good Habits and Kick the Bad Ones

The Secret is in Your Brain Introduction: Forming good habits and ditching bad ones is all about understanding your brain. Your brain is hardwired for survival. In survival mode, the brain focuses on 1) Conserving as much energy as possible and 2) Scanning the world for any possible threat to that survival. Very noble of […]

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Goal Setting Perspective

Goal setting perspective

The Infinite First Step The first step is the hardest, the rest will follow We often think that making a goal and then only following through 20% of the time is not even worth it. That having a meal plan and then only sticking to it a few nights a week is a failure, or […]

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