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Life is too Short so Love the One You Got

Three Things to Learn About Life From Loss What can I say…I love Sublime (I’m a California girl after all). But I would change it to Life is too short so Make the one you got what you love. Life’s too short so MAKE the one you got what you love I want to share […]

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Why I love the Word Gutsy-and so should you

This post may contain affiliate links. Gutsy- Why should you love this word?I have been really excited lately about starting coaching school and getting my website and blog off the ground. I have been working on finding my voice, or to be more specific; who I am and who I want to help. I know […]

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My Journey: Why I am a Life Coach

Gutsy Life coach journey

This is my first blog post and I feel like this has been a long time coming! I have been contemplating a life change for what feels like an eternity and something inside of me decided to take the plunge now, today, and just do it! I have known for a while that I wanted […]

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